Wedding Coasters

They say the devil is in the details, and I couldn’t agree more. An invitation is just an invitation, until it’s wrapped in a lovely band and sealed with a monogrammed sticker. The same goes with coasters at an event. Whether it’s a wedding, a restaurant, or a baby shower, coasters are just plain fun.


You should absolutely eat dessert first

Letterpress coasters have a vintage and sophisticated look to them. The matte finish adds an air of elegance, even when the coaster says something silly.

We recently had an aunt contact us, and she was looking for a coaster set for her niece. She wants a cocktail recipe on the coaster, which is a perfect addition to the wedding bar. We’ve also seen Mad Libs, monograms and witty sayings. We’ve found that most people quietly shove them into their purse instead of using them on their cocktails. And that’s okay by us :)

Are you looking for a hostess gift, a baby shower invitation, or a great addition to a wedding? Contact us today to get started on your perfect party coasters.

Artsy DIY Gifts

Ashley is always thinking of fun ideas as giveaways, but I think she recently upped the ante. Her most recent gift to her designer friends included a handmade coaster (super easy – I’ve put instructions below), a few miscellaneous letterpress cards, and an inexpensive sketch book. Total spent: Less than $5 per set. Satisfaction of receivers: 100%.

The coasters are inexpensive tiles you buy at Lowes or Home Depot. They are about 14 cents each, but at our store you had to buy a box of 50. We then nabbed some thin cork, which you can pick up at Amazon (or probably any craft store), for about $8. Take Gorilla Glue, and add a very small dab (that stuff expands like crazy) to attach the cork to the bottom of the tile. This will protect your table.

Let that dry completely, and then take Acrylic paint, some brushes, and paint away! Since these were going to artists, Ashley painted a Pantone color on each and marked them with permanent marker. Use masking tape to mark off the areas. You will need to make lots of very thin layers with the paint, or you’ll end up with a mess.

After they dry completely (which will likely be 24-48 hours), seal it with a clear aerosol sealer. We picked up ours up at Lowes for about $5 a can.

The sketchbook was on sale for about $2 at Michaels, thanks to doubling up on coupons, and we had the letterpress cards laying around. You could pick out fun stationary and it would work as well.



Letterpress Gifts