Wedding Coasters

They say the devil is in the details, and I couldn’t agree more. An invitation is just an invitation, until it’s wrapped in a lovely band and sealed with a monogrammed sticker. The same goes with coasters at an event. Whether it’s a wedding, a restaurant, or a baby shower, coasters are just plain fun.


You should absolutely eat dessert first

Letterpress coasters have a vintage and sophisticated look to them. The matte finish adds an air of elegance, even when the coaster says something silly.

We recently had an aunt contact us, and she was looking for a coaster set for her niece. She wants a cocktail recipe on the coaster, which is a perfect addition to the wedding bar. We’ve also seen Mad Libs, monograms and witty sayings. We’ve found that most people quietly shove them into their purse instead of using them on their cocktails. And that’s okay by us :)

Are you looking for a hostess gift, a baby shower invitation, or a great addition to a wedding? Contact us today to get started on your perfect party coasters.

The Lancaster Letterpress Printers Fair

Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend the Lancaster Letterpress Printers Fair at the Heritage Press Museum at Building Character.


Did you know a man by the name Johann Gutenberg is given credit for the invention of printing movable type? This took place during the 1450’s in Mainz, Germany. From moment on letterpress printing spread across Europe and was established in the United States in 1636 in Massachusetts.


This was such an exciting weekend event because we just bought a new press! A Golding Pearl to be exact! And what’s even funnier is that we met Randy Hess who’s friend would have bought the press if we wouldn’t have! Small world!

Take a look at how cool the Heritage Press Musuem is!






Everyone in the letterpress community is so friendly, but a big shout out goes to John Barrett from Letterpress Things and Randy Hess for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us.

Letterpress things is a great company that we buy our paint, and supplies from! We also bought a few piece of type from Megan Zettlemoyer from Typothecary Letterpress. 26press does a lot of custom design work so we usually use polymer plates, so there is really no need for us to have hundreds of typefaces on hand at the studio.

A few other big names there showing their work were:

Laura Korzon from Moxie House Paper Goods


and Jill Cypher and Ray Nichols from Lead Graffiti

All in all the Lancaster Letterpress Printers Fair was a great opportunity for us to meet local and non-local presses and share information! To end such a fabulous day we bought a few items from Annie Schwartz from Sunshine Art+Design. If you ever want to sell any of your products she is the girl to go to!



Next year 26press hopes to be a vendor at this event! Until then happy pressing!


Letterpress Coasters

I am slightly obsessed with coasters. I love them for a few reasons, but mainly because they’re just plain fun. During otherwise serious occasions, coasters are a great way to lighten up the mood.


For my wedding, I created 4 coasters: 1 mad libs, 1 serious/sentimental coaster, and 2 silly/funny ones. They were a huge hit. In fact, they were being flung around the room during our reception as my otherwise serious Father In Law grinned from ear to ear. It was pretty magical, and was probably one of my best memories of the day.

Coasters can also be inexpensive, especially if you don’t expect them to last for a long time. I prefer them this way, because then they can be silly and ridiculous. If you know they will be around for a long time, then you’ll need to think twice before putting Mad Libs game on it.

Letterpress coasters are also pretty classy hostess gifts, especially if you thought ahead to have their names printed on them. Even without their names, it can be a great way to thank someone for their hospitality.


I’m also a big fan of letterpress coasters for picnics, teacher’s gifts, and baby showers. It’s a great way to tie the theme together, and have some fun. Plus, as an added bonus, they’re pretty easy to print, so the price per piece tends to be super affordable.


Letterpress Wedding Printing

Letterpress is a very old form of printing, meaning it’s a highly inefficient form of getting the job done. The inefficiencies make each invitation unique, and create beautiful, crisp impressions. It also means each invitation is printed by hand, one-by-one. This labor of love is what causes the price per piece to be so high.

Letterpress doesn’t work well for large areas of solid color, however this form of printing does lend well to ornate script.

Letterpress printing is obviously a classic choice for invitations, but it also can create a modern wedding invite suite with funky fonts, unique patterns and blind embossing (not using ink to make an impression on the paper).

Historically, wooden type was placed together to create a “plate”, and then each paper was pressed into the type. Now, we usually use plastic molds to create some pretty awesome patterns, type and arrangements. Anything we can dream up in Photoshop can be transformed to your Letterpress Wedding Invitation.

Old-school printers scoff at the letterpress impression, as it was seen as the incorrect technique. We now prefer that deep impression, as it gives it the true “letterpress” look.

Choosing your paper is one of the most important aspects of your print job. Crane’s Lettra is a classic choice, but there are many more out there that offer the soft, luxurious touch that is essential to a deep impression. Choose a paper that stands well on it’s own. It should be both sturdy and soft. Most print shops will have samples they can show you in a 5×7. Paper will feel much more dense in a small chip, so it should be felt in the full size before choosing.

Letterpress Printing can also be done on envelopes, and is a nice way to tie in your entire wedding theme. Return addresses and your pattern, monogram or theme can be placed on the outside envelope, giving guests a feel for what’s to come. In the photo above, you can see the letterpress printing we did on Dustin and Erica’s wedding envelopes!