Custom Invitations

In the age of Pinterest, brides are clamoring to have their save-the-dates stand out. Moms and Dads want their child’s birthday invite to be front and center on fridges. And hosts want their RSVP cards to, well, make guests actually RSVP.

Your event is unique and your invitation should be, too. Invitations are your event’s first impression. They give your guests a preview of what’s to come and set the tone for the evening.

A crisp, formal invite might bring to mind visions of tuxedos, ice sculptures and champagne toasts. Something more colorful and playful might tell guests to bring their dancing shoes and get ready to party.

Whatever message you want to send, we can help. Whether you’re looking for a simple postcard or a whole stationery suite complete with save the dates, RSVPs, registry reminders, maps and thank you cards, we’re at your service.

We’ve been in your shoes before. Dizzy with the choices at local stationery shops, online and at big box stores, you want something — but you just can’t put your finger on what that is.

The beauty of a custom letterpress invitation is that it can be tailored to exactly what you want for your event. If you spot an invite online that you just love, we can adapt it to fit your needs. If you are completely overwhelmed, we can take the reigns and do our thing with as little or as much guidance as you want to give us.

We’re font nerds, so don’t expect to see Comic Sans on your invite. We’ll pore over hundreds of options on our fancy Macs. We’ll mess with letter cases. We’ll adjust font sizes. And we won’t rest until we find the perfect look for you — OK, that’s not entirely accurate … we get cranky when we don’t get 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Torn on a color scheme? Relax. We’re old school and mix our own ink before we even start the press. We can match your bridesmaid dresses, your tot’s favorite hue, the icing on your cake — or we help you come up with something entirely different.

We’re also suckers for good paper. That thin, white stuff you print on in the office just isn’t good enough for your guests — trust us. We want them to open the envelope and feel the luxury of a fabulous invite.

We want to make you fall in love with thick cardstock, textured linen and parchment — it won’t be hard. And if you want us to do custom envelopes, we can handle that, too. Get your guests excited about your event before they even see the invitation with custom fonts, colors and accents in their mailbox.

Before your big day, you need to figure out how to get your guests there. We can’t promise that your zany great aunt won’t go off registry or that your toddler won’t go into a sugar coma after eating his birthday cake, but we can guarantee that your first impression with your guests will be a good one.

Help us help you. Give us a call or drop us an email today so we can get started already!