See how it works:

Over the years, your friends and family will see dozens of wedding invitations. Only a few will stand out. We want yours to be among the few.

From the moment your guests open the envelope, they’ll be met with the luxury, quality and craftsmanship that comes with a handcrafted letterpress invitation.

They’ll know you’re part of a classy couple. They’ll probably be more likely to spring for that Dyson Vacuum or Kitchen Aid Mixer on your registry. Or, at the very least they’ll realize you have some awesome invites for what will surely be a fabulous event.

Letterpress started back in the 15th century, but we’re not here to give you a history lesson. The letterpress printing we care about came to be in the ’90s after being featured by the Queen of DIY, Martha Stewart. Upscale invitations everywhere began featuring the distinct impression of letterpress.

Then came Pinterest. And a bunch of hipsters with Macs soon followed. And suddenly everyone was clamoring to the nearest print shop. Cue the DIY disasters.

If not done right, letterpress can look like a hot mess. But we’re trained professionals, guys.

We’ll save you the trip to the print shop — it’s loud and hot in there. And we promise you won’t have to interact with anyone that smells like Patchouli oil or drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon.

For us, it all starts with the press. We’re old school and are going to get Michelle Obama arms from cranking out all your stationery products on an old-school letterpress. We feed items in one sheet at a time, giving special care and attention to every piece of your invitation package.

Often clients don’t realize how versatile letterpress is. It’s not just for Grandma’s favorite script font. It can support funky, chunky fonts and create crisp lines. And we’re not just limited to the block letters available in the print shop. With modern plates, we can transfer any font or image to the press — whether we design it or you bring it to us.

Letterpress paper is another art form in itself. A good quality letterpress paper will be firm yet fluffy, allowing the impression to be deep without showing on the opposite side. While we choose a paper based on your specific project, 100 percent cotton with a luxurious feel is a must. Our letterpress warehouse is stocked and ready for your project, and our paper mill partners can get anything you — or we — can imagine.

And then there’s the ink. Remember what a pain it was to get shoes dyed to match a bridesmaid dress back in the day? While we’re not saying that trend should make a comeback anytime soon — or ever, really — we know the importance of your color scheme. We can mix and match our inks to create a custom look for your invites. And unlike the whole dyed shoe disaster, we will get it right on the first try.

If you want a letterpress for your wedding, we believe you should be rewarded with a quality product. We’ll give you that quality product.