The Lancaster Letterpress Printers Fair

Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend the Lancaster Letterpress Printers Fair at the Heritage Press Museum at Building Character.


Did you know a man by the name Johann Gutenberg is given credit for the invention of printing movable type? This took place during the 1450’s in Mainz, Germany. From moment on letterpress printing spread across Europe and was established in the United States in 1636 in Massachusetts.


This was such an exciting weekend event because we just bought a new press! A Golding Pearl to be exact! And what’s even funnier is that we met Randy Hess who’s friend would have bought the press if we wouldn’t have! Small world!

Take a look at how cool the Heritage Press Musuem is!






Everyone in the letterpress community is so friendly, but a big shout out goes to John Barrett from Letterpress Things and Randy Hess for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us.

Letterpress things is a great company that we buy our paint, and supplies from! We also bought a few piece of type from Megan Zettlemoyer from Typothecary Letterpress. 26press does a lot of custom design work so we usually use polymer plates, so there is really no need for us to have hundreds of typefaces on hand at the studio.

A few other big names there showing their work were:

Laura Korzon from Moxie House Paper Goods


and Jill Cypher and Ray Nichols from Lead Graffiti

All in all the Lancaster Letterpress Printers Fair was a great opportunity for us to meet local and non-local presses and share information! To end such a fabulous day we bought a few items from Annie Schwartz from Sunshine Art+Design. If you ever want to sell any of your products she is the girl to go to!



Next year 26press hopes to be a vendor at this event! Until then happy pressing!