Tips For Proofing Your Wedding Invitations

Proofing your wedding invitations is about as fun as watching paint dry. While not all that exciting, it’s important to make sure that the details are right. After the job has started, it can be really costly to make a change, so be sure everything is correct. Below are a few tips to make this task a little less stressful! We recommend going through these one-by-one, and taking a few days to complete this process:

  • Print out the proofs we send – it’s much easier to spot a misspelling on a printed piece
  • Ensure you’re looking at the latest version we’ve sent – often times we will go through one or two rounds of revisions
  • Have your fiance look the pieces over
  • Have your mother or MIL look the pieces over
  • Have one of your married friends look it over
  • Double check that the address to the church and reception [if applicable] are correct. Don’t just go off memory, actually Google the location
  • Check the contract you’ve made with both the ceremony and the reception – are the times correct on the invitation?
  • If you’re having ceremony or menu cards printed, you may want to request that these are printed closer to the time of the wedding. We’ve seen these items change closer to the Big Day (A bridesmaid can’t make it from Australia, or the venue stops offering scallops). There’s usually only a small charge to complete these at a later time, and it’s much less costly than having to have them re-printed.
  • Do you have any last minute color recommendations? We’re happy to match the color to your bridesmaid’s dresses, your bouquet, or anything else you can think of. Letterpress is printed using uncoated Pantone colors, in the off chance you have access to a swatch book. You can also send us a fabric swatch, flower or paint swatch in the mail, and we’re happy to match colors. We do not recommend sending us colors via digital files, as the colors can be wildly different from computer to computer. Color choice does not need to be finalized prior to approving the final proof, however we usually begin production roughly 4 days after you give us the go-ahead, so now is a good time to drop us something in the mail.
  • Ensure your return address is correct. If you’re planning on moving immediately after the wedding, we’ve had some brides include their parent’s address instead.
  • Does the address on the RSVP envelope include the correct address?
  • Is the return address on the main envelope correct?
  • Are both parent’s names spelled correctly? [if applicable]
  • If you’re doing a directions card, it’s a good idea to have a bridesmaid/groomsmen follow the directions, step-by-step, to ensure the directions are clear
  • We typically assemble all of the invitations and put them in their envelopes. If you would like us to place a stamp on the RSVP envelope, now is a good time to start thinking about that. There isn’t an additional charge for this; we’ll just need reimbursed for the stamps.
  • Is the name of the church spelled properly? It’s a good idea to Google the church name, as you typically put the formal name of the church on the invitation
  • Same with the reception – make sure it’s the formal name and not a common known nickname for the venue

While this isn’t an all-encompasing list, I hope it gives you a good starting point to proof your wedding invitations. If you have any questions, please contact us!