Wedding Color Trends 2014

We are in full swing for 2014 invitations, and we’ve seen some really unique color combos come through our door.

One of the most unique color combos I’ve seen lately is Turquoise, Peach and Grey. I was inspired on so many levels, and even told Ashley I’d take a stab at one of the designs. I immediately ordered the grey paper sampler from our vendor and got to work. The color combo reminds me of this room, with an ultra-cool, eclectic couple drinking double espressos in the corner. The groom, when asked to describe his relationship with his oh-so-cute fiance, used the adjective “saucy”. I think that sums this color combo up nicely.

I basically want to live in this room. All the time.

I basically want to live in this room. All the time. And then wrap it up and make an invitation out of it.

Blue is really big right now, and I don’t mean feel-good, pastel blue. Bright, bold colors with really cool combos of grey with a hint of mustard, green, or pink are definitely a wedding color trend for 2014. I’m still semi-obsessed with chevron, so I think it goes well, but I’ve also noticed a lot of stripes. My favorite? Bold blue with grey and pale pink. It’s classic, yet still on-trend for next year. I’m envisioning a romantic night, with a band, and a flowy gown. Beautiful!

Bold blue + Soft Pink = Heaven

Bold blue + Soft Pink = a lovely vase and pretty trendy wedding colors

I’ve always thought of yellow as an accent color. You know, Grey, White with a hint of yellow. For 2014, I’ve seen a few gals buck the norm and put the flashy color front and center. Typically accented with red and white, this color gets noticed. I can see a few of my eclectic friends pulling this look off. The same friends that wear bright red lipstick with their sweats and somehow pull it off. Think New Girl. If you’re adventurous, or just love yellow, feel free to let it shine. 

You can't argue - it makes a statement

The chick off New Girl could totally pull this off.

I love a good green. Kiwi green, the color of grass in the morning with dew on it, and even 80’s neon green – i love them all. I’ve seen a really cool trend emerging where brides use various shades of green as their wedding color. This is probably my favorite color scheme of 2014. I love it because there’s about a billion ways you can pull this color off. Dark green is sultry, while pale green is sweet. Hot green will have you dance the night away, while grey-green will add a sophisticated touch. It’s an androgynous color, so your man will be thrilled he doesn’t have to sport a hot pink tie. I’ve seen it accented with kraft paper brown, and I think that’s a nice tie-in to the overall look.

green shade wedding

I’ll end the post with something to consider: Be careful if you’re choosing a pure neutral color palette. Sure, there are amazing photos on Pinterest, but those are staged by professionals. Being a minimalist myself, I’m drawn to neutrals. But too many times I see a washed out look that just doesn’t mesh. If done well, it’s simply stunning. If done average – it’s pretty boring.