Wedding Invitation Packaging

As I was sifting through the normal bills today, I came across a little gem. A colorful little envelope, with cute handwriting, caught my eye. I knew I was in for a treat as I read a colorful offer to attend a Halloween party.

Wedding invitation packaging gives invitations that special feel to them. Are envelope liners necessary? Absolutely not. Adorable and irresistible? You betcha. While the design of the invitation gets a lot of attention (and rightfully so), the details are the icing on the cake.

Invitation by Shanon Medley

Invitation by Shanon Medley

Invitation bands are on trend, like the kraft paper band in the picture above. I especially love the twine bow, and the way it gives the whole set a country chic feel. Plus, the cost to add this is minimal, and it can really change the entire feel of your invitaiton.

The invitation suite doesn’t need to be filled with cutesy additions, if that’s not your style. The set we created for Jason and Katie was simplistic, and the wrapped address stamp was enough to pull the set together.


Colored baker’s twine is one of my personal favorites, and Ashley has to continually remind me that it does not belong on everything. Luckily, I trust her judgement :)

Think about the delivery of your invitation, as well as the details that are inside. Delivered in a boxed set, or an unusual sized envelope, an invitation can be the bright spot in a sea of rectangular envelopes. Unique handwriting, or a talented calligrapher, will ensure that guests will be giddy to open it up and see the treasure inside.

I'd give my right arm for handwriting like this. Design by GreySnailPress

I’d give my right arm for handwriting like this. Design by GreySnailPress

I’ve also seen coasters, tags, stickers and bookmarks that deliver a creative punch. It’s just the little something extra that pulls the entire look of your day together, and gives that invitation that extra something that’s needed.